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What exactly is the Internet of Things? #IoT

One of the best resources on the Internet of Things can be found on The website includes lots of information on the subject: articles, books, websites, media, organisations, events, and IoT Stack and an IoT Toolkit. Check out this excellent infographic below by postscapes and

The Everything Book: reading in the age of Amazon

Instead, Amazon wants to enhance what’s on the screen with software. If there’s a unifying idea to the Kindle as an app, it’s in fixing the little things that once made you put down your book in frustration. A feature called X-Ray, for example, stores

Storytelling tours merge fitness with literature

“Spinning Stories” is a storytelling bicycle tour sponsored by Recovery Bike Shop and Re-Cycle in Minneapolis. Tours are  10- to 15-miles long and bikers travel to different locations to hear stories where they happened in books. The storytelling bike tour is an interesting mix of

5 Rules Of Tomorrow’s Bottom Line

“Using GDP as the main assessment method has caused a lot of problems, like unequal income distribution, problems with the social welfare system and environmental costs,” explained Xie Yaxuan, head of macroeconomic analysis at China Merchants Securities in Shenzhen. This trend struck a powerful chord

How Reading Makes Us More Human – The Atlantic

Link: How Reading Makes Us More Human – The Atlantic It’s the kind of thing writer Joyce Carol Oates is talking about when she says, “Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.” Gerd

Prepare your Eyeballs, E-Book Subscriptions Are Coming

Link: Prepare your Eyeballs, E-Book Subscriptions Are Coming infoneer-pulse: E-books are getting the Spotify subscription model. Books have long been the last holdout as music, movies, games and even TV shows and magazines have embraced the subscription model. Pay a single monthly fee and you

futuristgerd: What’s the Future of Business by Brian Solis #WTF (by Brian Solis) Check out his new book – great resource! link to booksite

The Future of the Book | IDEO (by AJANAKUmag)  Nice Video