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7 Top Futurists Make Surprising Predictions

In the next 10 years, we will see the gradual transition from an Internet to a brain-net, in which thoughts, emotions, feelings, and memories might be transmitted instantly across the planet… It seems the general consensus is: technology will be inside us, outside us and

What our lives might look like in 2025

As we look ahead, the decade could be shaped by advances in nanotechnology, information technology, vertical farming, artificial intelligence, robotics, 4D printing, super-smart materials, neuroscience, the biological sciences and genetics. Brain uploads, mixed reality environments, and the Internet of Life are just a few things

The ‘Bi-literate’ Brain is Key to Reading All the Screens

She says we have to develop a ‘bi-literate’ brain if we want to be able to switch from the scattered skimming typical of screen reading to the deeper, slow reading that we associate with books on paper. It is possible. It just takes work. One person

I Think, Therefore IBM

IBM has announced the latest version of its neurosynaptic processor — that is, a processor whose workings are inspired by the human brain. Built on Samsung’s 28nm process technology, it has 5.4 billion transistors and an on-chip network of 4,096 neurosynaptic cores… Read more from

Emotion in marketing: How our brains decide which content is shareable

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog and has been republished with permission. Every day it seems like we feel hundreds of different emotions – each nuanced and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. from Pocket via TNW

smarterplanet: Samsung and the University of Texas conspire for thought controlled tablets – SlashGear Electronics giant Samsung is working with researchers at the University of Texas on a project that has to do with providing control of a tablet using brain waves.

#140conf NYC 2011: Stowe Boyd, “Social Cognition: How Twitter Makes Us Smarter” (by 140Talks)

IBM 5 in 5: Mind Reading is no longer science fiction

From the IBM Research Blog: “Editor’s note:  This post about IBM’s 5 in 5 prediction of mind reading technology is by Kevin Brown of IBM Software Group’s Emerging Technologies. One of the many great things about working with the Emerging Technology Services team is that