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For our readers in Brazil and Portugal: Gerd Leonhard: Conteúdo 2.0: ‘proteção’ está no modelo de negócio (Content 2.0: protection is in the business model) e não na tecnologia (pensamentos sobre o futuro da venda de conteúdo). Abastecido pelas agitações na indústria da música e,

futuristgerd: Interesting by Folha de Sao Paulo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil – it points to the future of news: the print edition is basically just another screen ;)

Futurist & Keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard: summary of my work in Portuguese (RodaViva Brazil) (by gleonhard)

New video: Visions of a Networked Future at ITU Telecom World

Below is a 10-minute (amateur*) video excerpt from a really interesting session at ITU Teleworld 2011 in Geneva yesterday, October 26, 2011. This link* has further details and the complete 86 minute video. This Quickfire Storytelling session brings together some of the world’s leading futurists