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TV is increasingly for old people

The median age of a broadcast or cable television viewer during the 2013-2014 TV season was 44.4 years old, a 6 percent increase in age from four years earlier. The majority of TV-watchers may be over 40-years-old, but with a confused ratings system, how do we

The concept of a broadcast license will have no value online as OTT, Smart TVs and an open internet will have bypassed the protected system for content…. Will broadband kill broadcasting by 2020? | Digital Orphans Interesting piece, made me think

The View: Looking To The Future Of Media

Guest article by Gerd Leonhard on Raedar – Franklin Rae: ” With the explosive growth of the internet, mobile devices and social networking, the connected media world that we live in is indeed a very different world – and it will only continue to evolve.