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What are these “unicorn” companies you speak of?

For those of you not yet exposed to the relatively new term “unicorn company,” here are a few notes to help cover the basics: 1) Apparently some people use the term in a derogatory manner. e.g. DevOps Dictionary defines a Unicorn Company as “a company

The Art of Asking Questions

In today’s “always on” world, there’s a rush to answer. Ubiquitous access to data and volatile business demands are accelerating this sense of urgency. But we must slow down and understand each other better in order to avoid poor decisions and succeed in this environment.

14 Principles of the Future Organization

We are seeing an amazing evolution around how we work, how we lead, and how we structure our companies. These are the 14 Principles of the Future Organization. ‘Intrapreneurial’ is an excellent principle, and one of the hardest to accomplish for some reason. Perhaps it’s

The past and future of global organizations

It’s still too early to paint a definitive picture of what the global organization of the future will look like as efforts like these become more commonplace. What we’re confident about is that “process-centric” thinking will be a more prominent feature of organization design than

Tesla’s Gambit: Aligning IP Strategy with Business Strategy

Tesla understands that it can’t build the industry single-handedly. As the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, wrote on his blog, “Our true competition is not the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, but rather the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the

Inside the YouTube Hit Factory

The rapid consolidation of YouTube programming has thrown the small players into a frenzy of excitement and apprehension. They’re concerned that the big companies will squash the community’s creative autonomy and turn its artists into creative serfs. The great hope, on the other hand, is

Ross Dawson’s 10 Major Trends for Micro to Mid-Sized Business

This article by Ross Dawson covers ten of the major trends for micro and mid-sized business. These trends include: Lightning Gratification Speed is the name of the game. As the world has accelerated over the last years and decades, people’s patience has eroded to the