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climateadaptation: Had a nice chat with a reporter after lunch today. She got me wondering how many electric vs hybrid vs gasoline passenger vehicles were sold worldwide in 2012. So I made a chart. Sources above. About 62 million cars are currently sold every year

climateadaptation: blah-city: China’s car dream sours – turning in BMWs for bicycles.  Great piece by the Financial Times.

treehugger: New York City is getting electric taxis. Only a handful, but you have to start somewhere.

emergentfutures: BMW FORECASTS CARS WILL BE HIGHLY AUTOMATED BY 2020, DRIVERLESS BY 2025. Full Story: Singularity

greenfuturist: (via Why Car Companies Should Be Extremely Nervous About Millennials – Derek Thompson – The Atlantic)

Why Tesla is like Amazon and Elon Musk like Jeff Bezos

Link: Why Tesla is like Amazon and Elon Musk like Jeff Bezos Right now a half a dozen Supercharger stations are sprinkled throughout California. By next year, if all goes well, Tesla drivers will be able to motor cross country from Tampa to Toronto, New

It won’t take long until almost all cars are driven by computer. By the mid 2020s, we will have a lot of automatically driven cars and substitution will accelerate quickly. These cars will be able to travel much closer together, freeing road space both length

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