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Silicon Valley is out to change how we live

We are witnessing nothing less than a societal transformation that ultimately nobody will be able to avoid. It is the kind of sea change that can only be compared with 19th century industrialization, but it is happening much faster this time. Just as the change

Why education is the answer in a perfect storm of change – Rohit Talwar

The challenges of embracing the digital era are bringing us into a perfect storm of change. Old systems designed for a pre-Internet world are reaching their limit, overwhelmed by massive economic, financial and political uncertainty, increasing complexity, major environmental pressures, and dramatic, disruptive developments across

The 4 Ideas That Melinda Gates Thinks Are Changing The World

fastcompany: From mobile banking to contraception, this is what she thinks is going to drive the next wave of advances for people in the developing world. 1. M-PESA 2. Local Development 3. Digital Green 4. Contraception education and access, from the bottom up.  Read the

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Your 2012 climate change scorecard | Grist

Link: Your 2012 climate change scorecard | Grist • The United Nations did nothing. Fifty thousand people met in Rio; who-knows-how-many traveled to Qatar. And that all resulted in a vague promise to maybe do something in 2013. The U.N.’s ability to mandate change is