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Baidu reveals its AI for health

AskADoctor in English, is one of the earliest AI apps to emerge from Baidu’s deep-learning division since it hired Andrew Ng, a renowned data scientist and former marquee researcher at Google. And it’s an example of the unique tech interface the company can produce given its privileged

Chinese City of Chongqing Sets Up a ‘No Cell Phone’ Sidewalk

Texting and tweeting? Then keep to the left, people Chongqing, a vast municipality of 28 million in southwest China, has come up with a lighthearted strategy to remind pedestrians of the dangers of looking down at a smartphone while walking — separate lanes for people

Just How Likely Is Another World War?

A century ago this month, Europeans stood on the brink of a war so devastating that it forced historians to create a new category: “World War.” None of the leaders at the time could imagine the wasteland they would inhabit four years later. from Pocket

China’s Sweet Pollution Solution

The Kandi Machine — China’s Sweet Pollution Solution (by Aaron Rockett) KNDI (by Aaron Rockett) “If you find yourself in need of a ride in Hangzhou, China, you can waltz up to a multi-story garage, punch a few buttons, and have a fully charged electric

“Understanding China’s Digital Generation” – Thoughtful China (by ThoughtfulChina)

nationalpost: China builds world’s fastest supercomputer that can do 33,860 trillion calculations every secondChina has built the world’s fastest supercomputer, almost twice as fast as the previous U.S. holder and underlining the country’s rise as a science and technology powerhouse. The semiannual TOP500 official listing

climateadaptation: blah-city: China’s car dream sours – turning in BMWs for bicycles.  Great piece by the Financial Times.

China’s internet: A giant cage (via The Economist)

Link: China’s internet: A giant cage (via The Economist) The fastest growth in internet use is in China’s poorer, more rural provinces, partly because of a surge in users connecting via mobile devices, which now outnumber those connecting from computers. The internet is no longer

emergentfutures: A giant cage The internet was expected to help democratise China. Instead, it has enabled the authoritarian state to get a firmer grip, says Gady Epstein. But for how long? Full Story: the Economist

afrographique: Infographic of Facebook user numbers in BRICs countries. Data from