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Old Cities, New Big Data

Urban planning and city services have always been a fundamental part of this story, with integrated data systems bringing a ‘second electrification’ to the world’s metropolises. As case studies of big data’s urban applications emerge around the world, what are we learning about the kinds

Buy Nothing New for a Year

thisbigcity: There’s too much trash in our cities. In our new post we explore a radical idea that could massively reduce this: buying absolutely nothing new or second hand for an entire year. Could you do this?

Green Space

thisbigcity: And Germany’s second-largest city has decided to unite them together via pedestrian and cycle routes, aiming to eliminate the need for vehicles in Hamburg over the next 20 years. Have your own #citydata you’d like to share?  Send it our way!

Driving on a Glow-in-the-Dark Highway

smartercities: This Is What It’s Like to Drive on a Glow-in-the-Dark Highway | The Atlantic In the Dutch city of Oss, 60 miles southeast of Amsterdam, there’s a highway named N329. During the day, N329 is a stretch of road like so many others around

smarterplanet: From climate-resistant neighbourhoods to dynamic parking pricing, our latest post looks at ten transformative ideas for creating more sustainable cities.  Check out the other eight ideas here.

smartercities: IBM Turns Ads Into Useful Urban Furniture | Fast Company Did you ever need a ramp for your luggage (or bike), or a shelter from a sudden downpour, or a place to sit down and tie your shoe? IBM believes that city life can

Cities are finding useful ways of handling a torrent of data

Cities are finding useful ways of handling a torrent of data | The Economist Many cities around the country are accumulating data faster than they know what to do with. One approach is to give them to the public. For example, San Francisco, New York,

Our cities are full of problems, but they are also filled with potential solutions. Watch this documentary on urbanization and the cities of the future.