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laikafusion: That road just doesn’t look safe to drive on.

(via The City of The Future: It’s Changing — But Into What? | Environment | AlterNet)

Mercedes ran a cool experiment in Germany around Christmas, where they outfitted a ‘fleet’ of Mercedes Benz cars with their empty parking space sensing technology — intended for their parking assist feature — but instead they tweeted the locations so that shoppers could more easily

Driverless Taxis Are The Future

Link: Driverless Taxis Are The Future Over at, I conjecture that driverless taxis will be a turning point for city life, and could lead to even greater density in future cities as less space would be devoted to cars.

Five By Five -13 Feb

1.  Scientific publishing: The price of information via The Economist —There is a growing revolution in the scientific community, a rejection of the status quo involving scientific journals. Many prominent academics are advocating a more open, less commercial model of publishing, where companies like Elsevier