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Andrew Winston – Finding the Gold in Green

Link: Andrew Winston – Finding the Gold in Green while the world seems to be waking up to a fundamental, existential threat to our species (and not to “the planet,” which will be fine with or without us), the US policy debate remains mostly deaf,

Microsoft Corporation has committed to be carbon neutral by the end of FY2013. It plans to reach net zero carbon emissions via offsets and has pledged to partner with government and non-government organizations on renewable energy projects. Unilever has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions

What our alternative futures might look like

Found on “Delivering Tomorrow: Logistics 2050,” a new report from Deutsche Post DHL envisions five possible alternative futures that could arise out of the business, economic, environmental and energy decisions we make today. Accompanying the report are five short, though thought-provoking videos of what

Climate and 24 Hours of Reality

By Glen Hiemstra | September 16th, 2011 I missed the 24 Hours of Reality programming from the Climate Project yesterday. They went round the world to 24 locations, with a show in each location describing local climate issues, and “what you can do.” If you