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D-Wave Will Be Amazing Once We Know What To Ask It

D-Wave is a very exciting project, but the implications are fuzzy. “D-Wave claims that its 512-qubit D-Wave Two computer is the most advanced quantum computer in the world,” according to The Register. That sounds awesome, but what does it mean? What are the practical applications

Five Ways Watson Will Change Computing

We all have data problems. Mike Rhodin, the head of IBM’s Watson division, plans on fixing them. Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence computing platform, is changing the way we compute… from Fast Company via Pocket

nationalpost: China builds world’s fastest supercomputer that can do 33,860 trillion calculations every secondChina has built the world’s fastest supercomputer, almost twice as fast as the previous U.S. holder and underlining the country’s rise as a science and technology powerhouse. The semiannual TOP500 official listing

It’s time to stop thinking of computer programming as a specialty subject. Schools should respect it as a fundamental skill. Why High Schools Should Treat Computer Programming Like Algebra – Jordan Weissmann – The Atlantic (via infoneer-pulse)

How Intel Will Build the Holodeck

Link: How Intel Will Build the Holodeck That’s as direct a line into Perceptual Computing as you’ll find, since the plans that Intel has shown us to this point have been fairly ambiguous. Right now, we’re seeing the vanguard arrive, with features like the eye-tracking

3 Predictions On The Future Of Enterprise Software | TechCrunch

Link: 3 Predictions On The Future Of Enterprise Software | TechCrunch The consumerization of collaboration and productivity tools starts with small workgroups that adopt a specific tool. At some point, the CIO notices that different groups are using the same external product. This means that

MUST REAd “What I try to do as a futurist is make sense of it, understand how we will interact and what it will feel like to be a human. When we enter the world of almost zero-sized computers I think computing will become more

unexpectedtech: Cory Doctorow: “The Coming Civil War over General-purpose Computing”, Talks at Google (August 2012) Must watch!!

The Computing Trend that Will Change Everything

emergentfutures: Computing isn’t just getting cheaper. It’s becoming more energy efficient. That means a world populated by ubiquitous sensors and streams of nanodata. Full Story: Technology Review