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climateadaptation: Had a nice chat with a reporter after lunch today. She got me wondering how many electric vs hybrid vs gasoline passenger vehicles were sold worldwide in 2012. So I made a chart. Sources above. About 62 million cars are currently sold every year

greenfuturist: We need to move from a system of waste to a system of reuse—an economy that’s a circle and not a line. Some businesses are getting closer to this ideal than others. Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity’s use of natural resources has been basically the proves that being brave and doing things differently can pay off. Why proves that social media sells | Media Network | Guardian Professional (via betashop)

Over the course of this series, we have outlined a case for Breakthrough Capitalism. We successfully move towards our Breakthrough scenario when business, government, community, and entrepreneurial leaders work together to change the rules of the game in the key systems in which they operate.