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Crowd-Based Resources: Pros and Cons

  Crowdsourced services are on-demand and cost-effective, they have less overhead and more access to global talent. However, the quality can be sub-par and they present some new challenges. How can we make crowdsourced services more effective and efficient? Where do we go from here?

Co-ops are the future of the American economy

Worker ownership and management aren’t cure-alls for America’s cancerous concentrations of wealth and political power. But they are viable ways to organize our economy so that those who do the work receive an increasing share, if not the full product, of their labor. This is

Viral videos: the future of fundraising?

Viral videos may not be the future of fundraising, but for now they are definitely the popular route for raising awareness. How do you think viral videos could enhance the future of crowdfunding? Read more on Financial Post

futurist-foresight: Solar Power: Crowdfunded 3D Printed Solar Cells – You can’t see a better glimpse into the future than this. berlinfarmlab: Printing your own solar cells! Two inventors funded by Kickstarter, developed a backyard solar cells pocket printer.

World’s first full motion graphics presentation – Keynote at TheNextWeb 2012 (by Ross Dawson)

Kickstarter Montage from Kickstarter on Vimeo. futurejournalismproject: Awesome montage of Kickstarter projects looking for funders. What do they all have in common? Nothing. But they do collectively speak the language of the Internet, and demonstrate what technology makes possible in an age of digital natives.

What Happens When … A Restaurant crowdfunds ?

Thoughts by TFA Partner Brian Newman: “I don’t usually write up things that are in the NYT unless I am responding to an article or critiquing it. I figure that if something is in the Times, it will get enough traction that it doesn’t need