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Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

I think it’s fitting that my first post here should lay out some thoughts about the changing nature of media, at a microcosmic level: the level of an active participant in the swirling media landscape. Specifically, I want to say a few words about curation,

Stowe Boyd appointed as Chief Curator at The Futures Agency

Today, we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Futurist, Author / Blogger and Social Technologist Stowe Boyd.  Starting immediately, Stowe will curate the most interesting, relevant and timely content on TFA’s blog, our Facebook page, our @futurefeed Twitter channel and our FutureMemes video

The 3 Pillars of Content Curation

Found on Neil Perkin’s Only Dead Fish: “Curation is already becoming an overused word but it’s an increasingly important one. Not least because the way in which we discover content that we like or find useful, and how it gets in front of us or

EuroSummit’11: Curation will beat distribution

CTAM EuroSummit ’11. The curation of content is needed if audiences are to be able to cut through the noise of social media, according to the futurologist Gerd Leonhard. In a presentation at the annual cable marketing conference, held this year in Malta, Leonhard said

Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011 View more presentations from Edelman Digital. Digital trend watch & best practice for 2011 A must watch presentation on some key digital (marketing) trends to watch in 2011 along with best practice examples and actionable recommendations. To name