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New Digital Currency Unites All Global Money Systems

Stellar is many things, but it’s best to think of it as an effort to create a worldwide network that lets anyone send any currency and have it arrive as any other currency. You can send bitcoin and have them arrive as dollars. You can

Bitcoin and the Digital-Currency Revolution

The digital currency known as bitcoin is only six years old, and many of its critics are already declaring it dead. But such dire predictions miss a far more important point: Whether bitcoin survives or not, the technology underlying it is here to stay. In

thisistheverge: Amazon launches virtual currency Coins Amazon has just debuted its own virtual currency, Amazon Coins, allowing customers to pay for apps on its Amazon Appstore for Android, as well as some in-app items. Kindle Fire customers in the US are the first to get

futurist-foresight: More on Bitcoins. The virtual currency being much discussed at the moment. emergentfutures: The New York bar that takes Bitcoins Currently, more than 100 retailers around the world are using the app to accept Bitcoins as payment, according to Tony Gallippy, co-founder and CEO

Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy’s Last Safe Haven

Link: Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy’s Last Safe Haven parislemon: Paul Ford for Businessweek: Maybe Bitcoin’s devotees are right, and it’s the currency of the future. Or perhaps it’s a ridiculous joke—a speculative, hilarious enterprise taken to its most insane conclusion. Given that the

emergentfutures: BITCOIN’S TIPPING POINT: deploying a Bitcoin ATM in public Entrepreneurs in New Hampshire are speeding the adoption of BitCoin as an anonymous, digital STATELESS currency, one that is likely to move beyond geeky experiment status to a legitimate way to conduct global business. Full

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