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We are data: the future of machine intelligence

“To be (data) or not to be (data)”, that’s the question we all ponder about facing an increasingly faster and data intense future. ‘The internet is going to do to us whatever it is going to do — and it’s far too late to stop it’

The Blackphone Project

How often have you given away your private information? All the time, right? Over the phone with the insurance company, online with your cell provider, etc. Blackphone is one possible solution if you’re looking to control who gets access to your personal data. Read more

Do We Fear Utopia?

Can we achieve balance between nature and technology? Can technology help us create a harmonious life for everyone on this planet? Can we tolerate utopia? Do we fear utopia? If we were to compare the number of utopian science fiction movies to the number of

Precrime: A.I. can predict data theft by scanning email

The system seems a bit like a tool from the science fiction movie “Minority Report,” designed to intercept would-be criminals before a crime takes place, but it’s built on established human expertise. The Virtual Data Scientist trains itself by studying and emulating the techniques of

Your data is for sale — not just on Facebook

Square may be a payments processing company first, but it is rapidly amassing huge amounts of data, which is in itself a valuable commodity…The rules regarding what can be done with this information are in their infancy. For now, we depend largely on what the

Twitter Releases Tweets to Scientists

emergentfutures: Twitter to Release All Tweets to Scientists A trove of billions of tweets will be a research boon and an ethical dilemma Until now, most interested scientists have been working with a limited number of tweets. Although a majority of tweets are public, if

The Internet in Real-Time

The Internet In Real Time [Infographic] You must go see this live— one of the… The Inter­net In Real Time [Info­graph­ic] You must go see this live— one of the most cre­ative uses of a real-time info­graph­ic I’ve seen in a long time! I…