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Big Data, Democracy, and the Future of the Internet

With detailed identity data (think data collected from your likes on Facebook, what you buy and where, etc.), misuse occurs at the point when a customized experience derails the purpose and benefit of the Internet: the dynamic and diverse promise of widely distributed data (e.g.

Its estimated that humanity today generates more data in two days than it produced in all history, up to the year 2003. Morgan Freeman – Through the Wormhole S3E5 “Can We Resurrect the Dead?” (via infinityawaitsinfinitely)

This issue is not about whether the information gathered is something people want to hide, but rather about the power and the structure of government. Why Should We Even Care If the Government Is Collecting Our Data? – Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic (via

MIT Whiz Sets Out to Humanize the Internet of Things |

Link: MIT Whiz Sets Out to Humanize the Internet of Things | Millions of years of biological development have given humans the ability to process information using all of our senses, but the last 30 years of technology advances have focused everything through our

Mapping the Future with Big Data | WFS

Link: Mapping the Future with Big Data | WFS It is, in many ways, a snapshot of the way that statistical data from databases, user data from multiple participants, and social network data from the public will change the nature of rapid decision making in