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Get your loved ones off Facebook

Behold a long list of the ways Facebook is taking advantage of you.  Here are just a few: They have and continue to create false endorsements for products from you to your friends – and they never reveal this to you. When you see a

What our lives might look like in 2025

As we look ahead, the decade could be shaped by advances in nanotechnology, information technology, vertical farming, artificial intelligence, robotics, 4D printing, super-smart materials, neuroscience, the biological sciences and genetics. Brain uploads, mixed reality environments, and the Internet of Life are just a few things

Top scientists signed an open letter regarding AI

Dozens of the world’s top artificial intelligence experts have signed an open letter calling for researchers to take care to avoid potential “pitfalls” of the disruptive technology. Those who have already signed the letter include Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, the co-founders of DeepMind, Google’s director

futuristgerd: Datawars and the future of Advertising: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at Guardian Ad Summit (by Gerd Leonhard) One of my best talks on this topic. You can download the slides via my blog