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Japan Using Robots to Fight Demographic Problems

Japan has faced two major challenges: a need for economic growth and a shortage of labour. Having one of the oldest populations in the world, Japan’s lack of workers and consumers are ever growing issues. However, Japanese firms seem to have finally responded to Abe’s

The New Suburban Poverty – Lisa McGirr via

Link: The New Suburban Poverty – Lisa McGirr via stoweboyd: The suburban and homogenous USA has become a thing of the past, and rising suburban poverty and the flight of the wealthy to exclusive exurbs and gentrified urban neighborhoods is leading to suburban infrastructure

JWT 10 Trends for 2012 Executive Summary

Published by JWT end of 2011: “In our seventh annual year-end forecast of trends for the near future , continued economic uncertainty, new technology and the idea of shared responsibility are at the center of or driving many of…read on.” JWT 10 Trends for 2012 Blog: Outlook 2011 Video

By Glen Hiemstra | February 10th, 2011 Here is our new video summarizing my Outlook 2011. I wrote the outlook at the beginning of the year and we posted the original on January 3. The written version with more detail, links to resources and a

Outlook 2011 by Glen Hiemstra,

Before we offer forecasts for 2011, let’s review how we did with Outlook 2010 Aging2010 was indeed the final year of preparation for the age wave, but we made only modest progress in getting ready. The U.S. Health Care bill was the most positive step,