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10 Hyper Disruptive Business Models (Jo Caudron slideshare)

Here’s an interesting Slideshare presentation by TFA speaker and author Jo Caudron that guides you through ten business models of hyper disruptors that we found inspiring. We’ve analyzed tons of disruptive players when we were writing our book on Digital Transformation. We discovered 7 similarities and

Transformation in fast-forward (guest post by Tim Cole)

There can be no doubt: The future of business will be digital. The Internet has wrought fundamental change over the past twenty-odd years, but that is nothing compared with the upheaval yet to come in the next twenty plus. Networks and intelligent systems will cause

Everything Is Accelerated

Great overview in 5 Pictures and 500 Words by Heather E. McGowan on the accelerated pace of change of everything around us: from computing to human intelligence, more consumers than producers, robotic,  business and disruption acceleration, and an increasing technology accelerated development. Everything is happening faster and this

Survive the Robot Apocalypse in 5 Steps

It’s our fear of others that encourages war, or the withholding of life saving technologies from those who need them, simply because they’re uninsured. It’s our fear of others that creates a national budget where 60% of resources are dedicated to the military industrial complex,

#HelloWorld15: Digital Transformation Driving Business Re-Invention

“Just like publishers are transcending the idea of selling content, digital transformation forces every leading incumbent to transcend the products and services that are certain to become a commodity,” said Leonhard. Read more about what Gerd had to say at #HelloWorld15 from Orange Business or

A Review of the 13th Innovation Africa Digital Summit in Zimbabwe

Dr Madan Rao, Conference Chair at IADS 2015 wrote a review of the 13th Innovation Africa Digital Summit in Zimbabwe and you should read it! Over 350 delegates from 40 countries attended the three-day event at a venue near the stunning Victoria Falls, one of

Looks real enough to me!

By Tim Cole What you see is what you get. But what if what you see isn’t “real” but in fact part of the virtual world? Digitalization and networking are transforming our perception of reality itself? The digital world is increasingly invading and becoming part of