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The New York Times Is a Great Company in a Terrible Business

This morning, the New York Times announced higher circulation revenue, huge gains in digital subscribers, and the continued erosion of its print advertising business. If the Times were interested in saving paper and man-hours, it could start by copy-pasting that paragraph into a PDF every quarter.

US Consumption of Major Media

analyticisms: Lots of very interesting trends in this chart.  But beyond the obvious growth and, now, domination of digital media, we can’t help noticing that, within digital media, mobile passed online (call us obsessed with mobile everything).

Three digital accelerators have been driving the transition from change to transformation for many years, but due to their predictable exponential rate, they have now reached an inflection point — a point where processes, products, services, and careers no longer change; rather, they transform. The

Globally, spending on advertising will rise from $538.75 billion in 2012 to $676.17 billion in 2016, as the advertising industry has proved quietly resilient despite ongoing economic hurdles worldwide. (via Asia-Pacific Poised to Dominate World Ad Market – eMarketer)

futurist-foresight: Digital: An interesting look at digital audience participation. webmsmith: Timing is everything. Here is a great one on how timing (and time-appropriate messaging) effects the size of the audience that will hear your message. 

Richard Branson: embrace the digital economy (by yourBusinessChannel)