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ESPN and the future of sports

The distributed future of content won’t resemble the model that made ESPN the richest network in the world. Although live sports will command large audiences for a long time, the right home for news and analysis probably won’t look like one site for 100 million

What Can Watson Do For Your Company?

At this point, it’s important to understand that there is a science and an art to every profession. Soon, Watson will know the science better than a human. Humans will need to focus on the art of their profession — the creative elements only they

Given Netflix and Hulu and OnDemand and iTunes and Amazon Prime and the approximately 5,000 other movie-watching options available to consumers — on their phones, on their tablets, on their TVs, or craftily projected onto screens and walls — theaters as environments will have to

Seven Themes for the Coming Decade | World Future Society

Link: Seven Themes for the Coming Decade | World Future Society Gray Boom + Go East = Medical Tourism Sharply rising medical costs in the U.S. will trigger a boom in medical tourism, in particular for anti-ageing treatments and elective surgery. Gray Boom + Era