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10 Hyper Disruptive Business Models (Jo Caudron slideshare)

Here’s an interesting Slideshare presentation by TFA speaker and author Jo Caudron that guides you through ten business models of hyper disruptors that we found inspiring. We’ve analyzed tons of disruptive players when we were writing our book on Digital Transformation. We discovered 7 similarities and

Disruptive Technologies Transforming the Government-Citizen Relationship

David Raths proposes an interesting selection of disruptive technologies in eight critical areas of government, ranging from public safety to health to transportation. Powerful combinations of digital, mobile, social, geographic and video innovations already are changing the public’s expectations and the services available. Can government agencies seize

Is a ‘Jobless Future’ Possible?

The way Hod Lipson describes his Creative Machines Lab captures his ambitions: “We are interested in robots that create and are creative.”… So, is a ‘jobless future’ what technology has in store for humanity? The short answer of this article is: nobody knows. A jobless

The Future of Business is here

If you’re looking for an exciting event focused on the future of business, you must get to The London Business School for their Global Leadership Summit on 23 June in London. Check out the programme for this impressive event and if you do attend, be

4 Ways Improv Can Improve All Aspects of Your Life

I know this is a bit of a departure from your average post about business or the future, but it’s actually quite valid, so stay with me. If you’ve ever seen an improvisation skit, you may wonder how those principles could apply to your business.

An interview with Gerd Leonhard

In case you missed it, check out Frank Diana’s interview with Gerd Leonhard. Here they discuss disruptive technologies and their impact across all industries. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite: Frank: So, clearly you are a believer that ownership models give way to access

Disruptive Change Means Our Wildest Dreams Are Within Reach

The only option we have to surf atop the tsunami, rather than be crushed by it, is constant and continuous education and emersion in these exponential technologies to understand what you can use to reinvent yourself and your business every year…While some see this increasing

Meet the “killer apps” for supercharged mobile engagement

At the 2013 Guardian Activate conference, futurist Gerd Leonhard predicted that 80% of global web traffic would be from always connected mobile devices by 2018, while Benedict Evans separately predicted zero growth from PC sales globally during the same period. In terms of consumer adoption,

Dropping the Needle: Disruptive Innovation and Higher Education

Disruption theory comes from the business literature, but it has been co-opted by other sectors as it provides a framing device that helps us make sense of the fast-paced 21st century…Why is it important for us to contemplate this debate? Disruption theory is now so