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Why Stem Cells May Save Your Life

Every person is a collection of over 30 trillion human cells. Every one of these cells, those in your brain, lungs, liver, skin, and everywhere else, derives from a single pluripotent type of cell called a stem cell. Read this article by Peter Diamandis how stem cells are going to

Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2015 according to WEF

The top ten emerging technologies for 2015 include Fuel Cell Vehicles, Distributed Manufacturing, and Neuromorphic Technology. Read the rest at the World Economic Forum. First, though, let’s talk about neuromorphic technology. This tech aims to make computers function like brains. Basically this enhances machine learning,

At Last: A Social Network for Those Who Want to Put Their DNA Online?

Members of openSNP upload their genes along with things like their sex, age, eye color, location, Fitbit data and medical history — for anyone to see and analyze. The record lives on forever…But for Clark, the possibilities outweigh the risks: She wants scientists to have

Imagine brands sampling skin samples from products in supermarkets to derive a DNA profile of likely customers DNA Ownership And Genetic Privacy – Stowe Boyd