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Feeding the future

by David A. Smith The world’s population is set to grow by 2.2 billion between now and 2050[i], and given that this is in tandem with rising prosperity, we are forecast to need an extra 70 percent of food than we did in 2009[ii]. Despite

The Mine of the Future Is Run by Drones (via Motherboard)

Interesting article by Corin Faife found on Motherboard recently: “Drones, 3D scanning, and autonomous vehicles are moving humans away from the risks of the mining industry.” “As this trend towards automation continues there will almost certainly come a point where humans no longer need to

In the war of 2050, the robots call the shots

In April, thought leaders from the Defense Department, the U.S. Army Research Lab, the Institute for Defense Analysis, and national security thinkers across academia met for a two-week workshop on the next three and a half decades of war. The report they recently produced reads

Drones, Wearables & VR to Transform Media

While wearables emerge beyond this, extending to embedded microchips to digitized contact lenses and even clothing, we will likely continue to see the survival of the slightly larger screen for deeper content engagement. Essentially these changes mean we will be able to see more, faster,

New 3D Printer Prints Drones, Phones, and More

No longer will we fall into the trap of deciding which phone is better – Google’s or Apple’s. Instead the consumer will be empowered with the ability to decide for themselves not only what they want, but how they wish to design it. Eventually the

Drones are Here

emergentfutures: What Would You Do With A Drone? As the potential drone applications grow, so does the build-your-own drone movement Full Story: SmithsonianMag

10 Futuristic Products in Development Now

Found Mashable Tech: “Everyone jokes about the flying cars and robot maids we’ve seen in movies and television, but it turns out the “future” we’ve dreamed of is well on its way. The majority of these are just concepts, but all are definitely in effect,