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The case of WeChat and mobile in China

Must read article by by Connie Chan from Andreessen Horowitz on WeChat –  the largest standalone messaging app by monthly active users. While seemingly just a messaging app, WeChat is actually more of a portal, a platform, and even a mobile operating system depending on how you look at it.

Can anything curb the dominance of the internet’s big guns?

The internet companies bargain hard to ensure that the new rules will not destroy their business, and the regulators and spies meet them there – it’s inconceivable that a regulator would tell Google that it must change its search business so fundamentally that it had

Jack Myers on Social Gifting: The Future of E-Commerce?

Jack Myers latest Media Business Report as seen on Reuters Insider: If you haven’t heard of social gifting yet, you soon will. It is the biggest thing in e-commerce since Groupon and Living Social. Social Gifting apps like Wrapp and Karma are becoming the next

Social Commerce: $50 Billion in 2020

Jack Myers of MediaBiyBloggers and TFA Partner writes: “Facebook, Groupon and Living Social are just the beginning of a very important new social commerce business for marketers and media companies. Social Commerce. It’s the hottest new marketing opportunity for marketers, media companies and agencies. Group


Penelope Jenkins at the University of Warwick Knowledge Center, and based on Gerd Leonhard’s talk at TEDxWarwick, March 2011: “The internet is heralded as a quick way to buy products and services, but in reality how easy is it to source and use a product?