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Current economic system is headed for collapse says Jeremy Rifkin

The creation of the collaborative commons: From the ashes of the current economic system, he believes, will emerge a radical new model powered by the extraordinary pace of innovation in energy, communication and transport. “This is the first new economic system since the advent of

Co-ops are the future of the American economy

Worker ownership and management aren’t cure-alls for America’s cancerous concentrations of wealth and political power. But they are viable ways to organize our economy so that those who do the work receive an increasing share, if not the full product, of their labor. This is

Top 8 sharing economy companies

Access over ownership is the mantra of the sharing economy: a sector based on peer-to-peer lending, borrowing, exchange and collaboration. The idea of borrowing a ladder from your neighbour, who then pops round for a cup of sugar the next day, is not new. But

The Zero Marginal Cost Society and the End of GDP

  Global GDP has been growing at a declining rate since the Great Recession. While economists point to high energy costs, a decline in productivity, slower growth in the labor force, consumer and government debt, income inequality, and consumer aversion to spending, among other causes,

The New York Times Is a Great Company in a Terrible Business

This morning, the New York Times announced higher circulation revenue, huge gains in digital subscribers, and the continued erosion of its print advertising business. If the Times were interested in saving paper and man-hours, it could start by copy-pasting that paragraph into a PDF every quarter.

Collaborative Economy

brucesterling: *This may be your last big chance to arrest them all before they do to everything what Napster did to the music biz

Why This CEO Doesn’t Own A Car: The Rise Of Dis-Ownership

Link: Why This CEO Doesn’t Own A Car: The Rise Of Dis-Ownership Smart companies have shown Americans how greener choices can actually save them money in one fell swoop. And the people have spoken: If they can go green and save green, they will. In