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How Technology will Impact our Future? Keynote Presentation by Rudy de Waele (video)

In our series “The Futures Agency Speakers Videos“, here’s a keynote presentation of digital transformation strategist Rudy de Waele on the future impact of technology on business and society at #ECOC14 ( A condensed overview of foresights in the area’s of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities,

How corporations capture and shatter college graduates

Elsewhere, at this vulnerable, mutable, pivotal moment, undergraduates must rely on their own wavering resolve to resist peer pressure, the herd instinct, the allure of money, flattery, prestige and security. Students, rebel against these soul-suckers! Follow your dreams, however hard it may be, however uncertain

Peter Thiel and Education’s New Utopians – via Bloomberg

Stoking creativity with abundant inwardness and self-direction can generate lots of products, to be sure. Just think about all of the apps we now have that tackle problems like laundry services, fresh food delivery, car services, travel, and finding a parking space. That same inwardness

Laptop Note-takers, Be Warned! Or Not.

The two groups of students — laptop users and hand-writers — did pretty similarly on the factual questions. But the laptop users did significantly worse on the conceptual ones… IMHO note-taking is never enough, regardless of the method. Hands-on experience is much more effective, as

Is a higher education degree worth it?

College is usually worth it, but not always, it transpires. And what you study matters far more than where you study it. I agree that what you study matters more than where you study it. In my opinion education should be free — everyone deserves

Classrooms of the Future: Watch What’s Possible

What does the classroom of the future look like? Here are some videos that help us imagine what’s possible: Learning is sure to be a lifelong process for everyone, no matter what age you are, so what’s your ideal classroom of the future?

Disruptive Change Means Our Wildest Dreams Are Within Reach

The only option we have to surf atop the tsunami, rather than be crushed by it, is constant and continuous education and emersion in these exponential technologies to understand what you can use to reinvent yourself and your business every year…While some see this increasing

Discussions without phones

theatlantic: My Students Don’t Know How To Have a Conversation Recently I stood in front of my class, observing an all-too-familiar scene. Most of my students were covertly—or so they thought—pecking away at their smartphones under their desks, checking their Facebook feeds and texts. As