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futuretechreport: Solar powered plane lands in NYC after Historic Flight Across the US Its like the Wright brothers all over again but this time with zero-carbon emissions! Love this story. From the Guardian: “A plane entirely powered by the sun touches down in New York

What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry?

Link: What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry? Solar manufacturers are eager to implement several new technologies that could make solar power cheaper, and the panels easier to make.                       

futurist-foresight: This graph dramatically illustrates the rapidly decreasing price of solar power. think-progress: Solar power’s massive price drop, in one graph.

futurescope: Meet Eesha Kare, who invented a device that charges cell phone battery in under 30 seconds  Eesha Khare, 18, of Saratoga, Calif. received the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000. With the rapid adoption of portable electronics, Eesha recognized the crucial need for

8bitfuture: Energy harvesting pavement powers its own streetlights. London-based startup Pavegen has developed tiling that can harvest kinetic energy from people’s footsteps, turning it into up to 8 watts of electricity per footstep. The tiles are made of 95 percent recycled tyres, and use a proprietary wireless communications

As the trend toward wireless-enabled personal devices grows worldwide, the biggest energy drain in the wireless cloud will clearly come from mobile 4G LTE and wireless networks in general which are expected to account for 90 percent of energy use by 2015 compared to 9

Dutch Airline Fuels Trans-Atlantic Flights Using Cooking Oil

“KLM travelers can now fly on trans-Atlantic commercial flights on a jumbo jet fueled in part by the same oil that was used to cook French fries and catfish.” Read more: