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Peter Thiel and Education’s New Utopians – via Bloomberg

Stoking creativity with abundant inwardness and self-direction can generate lots of products, to be sure. Just think about all of the apps we now have that tackle problems like laundry services, fresh food delivery, car services, travel, and finding a parking space. That same inwardness

The past and future of global organizations

It’s still too early to paint a definitive picture of what the global organization of the future will look like as efforts like these become more commonplace. What we’re confident about is that “process-centric” thinking will be a more prominent feature of organization design than

meetingofthemindsv: The Future of Entrepreneurship: Meeting of the Minds #4: Ross Dawson & Gerd Leonhard (Futurists) (by Gerd Leonhard)

Entrepeneurs creating fewer jobs

Here in the U.S. it is an article of faith that the economy is driven by entrepreneurs – job creators in the current political parlance. And there is no question that the U.S. maintains an entrepreneurial culture. But, something is happening that may represent an

Entrepreneurs, innovation and the future of the European economy View more presentations from Alan Moore Entrepreneurs, innovation and the future of the European economy TFA Partner Alan Moore’s presentation during an event hosted in Athens (YES Execom) mid April, which brought entrepreneurs together from around