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The Seven Dimensions of Climate Change: Join the New Conversation

Einstein said everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. So what’s the right kind of simple for the world’s most complex challenge? I really appreciate one of the reasons listed for this type of distinguishing conversation: to “encourage necessary conversations between individuals

Capitalism versus environment: can greed ever be green?

The fact that the now dominant capitalist economic system is unsustainable is not in doubt. It has contributed to the breaching of several ecological boundaries, in relation to climate change, biodiversity loss and nutrient enrichment. At the same time as damaging the natural systems that

Attempts to stop catastrophic climate change are futile, says UN report

Anti-emissions policies adopted by world governments are decreasing the amount of harmful gas emitted in some countries, but the report warns it’s not enough when developing nations produce more gases than limited political controls can remove. Emissions in most Western countries are falling as economies

Underground fridge goes back to basics to save money and the environment

springwise: Underground fridge goes back to basics to save money and the environment With all of the smart, connected Internet of Things devices we’ve seen recently, it’s refreshing to see entrepreneurs still drawing inspiration from the simplest and most effective ideas from the past. The

Climate Change Photography

treehugger: Environmental photographer of the year shows climate change issues across the world. See all the photos here:

The UN’s Focus: Surviving Climate Change

theatlantic: The UN’s New Focus: Surviving, Not Stopping, Climate Change The United Nations’ latest report on climate change contains plenty of dire warnings about the adverse impact “human interference with the climate system” is having on everything from sea levels to crop yields to violent

jtotheizzoe: 130 years of global temperature data, converted to music Global temperature averages over the years, converted to notes on the cello. It’s one of the more haunting songs you’ve ever heard, for many reasons. Looks like we’re gonna need to switch to a viola