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What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry?

Link: What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry? Solar manufacturers are eager to implement several new technologies that could make solar power cheaper, and the panels easier to make.                       

mothernaturenetwork: World Bank: You can’t fight poverty without tackling climate changeThe international lending institution says we must shield the world’s poorest from the effects of severe weather — and one way to do that is by supporting renewables.

futuramb: smartercities: ElectriCity — Ultramodern Electric Bus Service Launching In Gothenburg In 2015 | Clean Technica Buses that are silent, energy efficient, and don’t release exhaust — sounds good, doesn’t it? Just such a bus service is now in development in the Swedish city of

kqedscience: Whole Foods Shows Customers the Bleak Future of Produce Without Bees “The decline in bee populations has been all the buzz lately, which led Whole Foods Market to team up with the Xerces Society to show us what a world—or at least, produce section—without bees would look like. The University

In his 1992 book “Earth in the Balance,” Gore compared talk of adapting to climate change to laziness that would distract from necessary efforts. But in his 2013 book “The Future,” Gore writes bluntly: “I was wrong.” He talks about how coping with rising seas

futurist-foresight: This graph dramatically illustrates the rapidly decreasing price of solar power. think-progress: Solar power’s massive price drop, in one graph.

South Korea goes it alone with the world’s most aggressive carbon market

Link: South Korea goes it alone with the world’s most aggressive carbon market With a belligerent, nuclear-armed neighbor led by a messianic millennial on its border, you’d think that reducing greenhouse gas emissions would rank low on South Korea’€™s to-do list. Yet the country plans

fastcompany: It’s no secret that the world’s ocean trash problem is getting bad; looking at a handful of images from the Texas-sized Pacific garbage patch should be enough to convince anyone. As for all of our litter that doesn’t end up in the middle of the ocean?