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On the Edge of Automation (interview with Steve Jurvetson)

The great thing about Silicon Valley visionaries is that they are really good at thinking big about the future. Few of them are also taking the risk and invest their money in long-term technology ventures with a vision to transform business and society in a dramatic way. One

Interview and Podcast with Rudy De Waele on The Future of Work

These days, everyone’s talking about digital transformation. It seems that everything that can be digitised is being digitised – this affects the workplace too. But what are the main technical trends that really matter? And what have HR professionals and executives got to do with

Manager and machine: The new leadership equation

As artificial intelligence takes hold, what will it take to be an effective executive? In a 1967 McKinsey Quarterly article, “The manager and the moron,” Peter Drucker noted that “the computer makes no decisions; it only carries out orders. It’s a total moron, and therein

The Talent Crisis: Study Shows Companies Are Unprepared for the Future of Work

As revealed in Workforce 2020, an independent, global study by Oxford Economics with support from SAP SE, most companies recognize the importance of managing an increasingly international, diverse and mobile workforce.  The study’s findings challenge the prevailing wisdom and highlight the most critical issues facing

The tech debate blasts off (a lankiest) towards a leisure society

Link: The tech debate blasts off (a lankiest) Towards a leisure society theleisuresociety: It took almost a year for me to be taken seriously on the “technology is undermining capital” front, so it was extremely exciting to see the debate blast off in serious economic

Automation, not domination

Business experts Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson argue that this human displacement will require education reform to better prepare people for the future job market. Automation, not domination: How robots will take over our world | Robohub

Tech, Jobs, and the Future of the Economy with Sir Michael Moritz and Marco Zappacosta (by LinkedIn) Crucial video on the future of jobs: major changes coming up!

futuristgerd: (via Launching new framework: The Future of Work | Trends in the Living NetworksTrends in the Living Networks) Great resource from my buddy Ross Dawson