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Are women better off in the age of robots and automation?

The age of the robot worker will be worse for men, the jobs that are least vulnerable to automation tend to be held by women. Interesting insight in this The Atlantic article on the jobs that will disappear in the coming age of robots, in which

Who Benefits from the Peer-to-Peer Economy?

According to Economic Modeling Specialists International, the number of freelance workers in the U.S. grew from 20 million in 2001 to 32 million in 2014. Freelance work now comprises almost 18 percent of all jobs. This trend is expanding explosively. And not just because workers

A pillow that enables you to sleep anywhere: The Ostrich Pillow. It’s different because it blocks out noise and light. The biggest selling point? By taking a power nap, your productivity could increase by up to 34%. Maybe we are looking at the future of