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futuristgerd: Datawars and the future of Advertising: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at Guardian Ad Summit (by Gerd Leonhard) One of my best talks on this topic. You can download the slides via my blog

Gerd on the future of technologies for planet and people.

futuristgerd: Transition Trauma Guaranteed. We are currently experiencing a very unique combination of digitally-fueled disruptions: rising globalization and much increased economic interdependence of regions, nations, companies and people, widespread and hyper-effective socio-political activism via social networks and UGC media (especially video, as Koni2012′s 96Million views

futuristgerd: Data-Driven Main Street: Data will take personal service to new heights, giving small merchants the ability to provide goods and services tailored to the specific needs of individual customers. We are already seeing startups, such as ScoutMob and Womply, allow local merchants to combine

Over the course of this series, we have outlined a case for Breakthrough Capitalism. We successfully move towards our Breakthrough scenario when business, government, community, and entrepreneurial leaders work together to change the rules of the game in the key systems in which they operate.

futuristgerd: MAN (by Steve Cutts)  Nice video on consumption and sustainability

Among the bigger-name streaming services are Spotify, which uses a freemium ad-supported, desktop app-based model; Rdio, which takes a tiered, cloud-based approach; and Pandora, whose personalised streaming radio is also available on a freemium ad-supported model. There’s also Wimp, Rara, Napster, We7, Pure,, Senzari,