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From Directors to Connectors

When asked about one of the main characteristics that leaders will need to have in the Disruption Economy, Gerd Leonhard, likes to answer: “They should evolve from directors to connectors”. A “connecting leader” gives their team time and space to collaborate. That way everyone has

Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2015 according to WEF

The top ten emerging technologies for 2015 include Fuel Cell Vehicles, Distributed Manufacturing, and Neuromorphic Technology. Read the rest at the World Economic Forum. First, though, let’s talk about neuromorphic technology. This tech aims to make computers function like brains. Basically this enhances machine learning,

Looks real enough to me!

By Tim Cole What you see is what you get. But what if what you see isn’t “real” but in fact part of the virtual world? Digitalization and networking are transforming our perception of reality itself? The digital world is increasingly invading and becoming part of

25 Game-Changing Trends by Daniel Burrus

According to Burrus, visual communications for business will increase, drones will become more mainstream, and mobile banking will be commonplace. Read more disruptive trends from Burrus Research via Pocket

Why we need computers that can think

By Tim Cole As we enter the age of Big Data, computers as we know them are simply no longer capable of crunching the numbers fast enough. This is do to the limitations imposed by what is known as the “Von Neuman model” or “Princton

An interview with Gerd Leonhard

In case you missed it, check out Frank Diana’s interview with Gerd Leonhard. Here they discuss disruptive technologies and their impact across all industries. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite: Frank: So, clearly you are a believer that ownership models give way to access