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Glen Hiemstra: Driverless Vehicles – Options and Possibilities

Recent post on by Glen Hiemstra, where he writes: “Let’s look at one of the hot topics of the day, driverless vehicles. … I’ve been paying attention to this for some time, including work with the federal and state transportation agencies, and more recently the

The Future in 50 Years, 100 Years, 200 Years

By Glen Hiemstra, On January 9, 2013 Discovery Channel Canada broadcast a short interview with me on the show Daily Planet. The questions had to do with developments that I see in 50 years, 100 years, 200 years. I did a lot of thinking prior to the

futuristgerd: (via Arthur C. Clarke predicting the future in 1964 | KurzweilAI) Great video found via my friend and colleague Glen Hiemstra ( Related articles What makes us successful: Gerd Leonhard presentation / talk at… ( futuristgerd: Future of Innovation & Business: From Ego to…

Jason Silva on the advantage of being awestruck. Terrific. Enjoy.

Entrepeneurs creating fewer jobs

Here in the U.S. it is an article of faith that the economy is driven by entrepreneurs – job creators in the current political parlance. And there is no question that the U.S. maintains an entrepreneurial culture. But, something is happening that may represent an

Drove my Chevy to the levy and pushed it in – The Future of Cars

Found on Glen Hiemstra’s “Beware the permanent trend. What would happen if a generation stopped driving cars, or at least stopped dreaming that owning a car and driving everywhere was their defining passage into adulthood? What if each year auto ownership and miles driven

Micro Homes: The Competitive Alternative to Housing

Micro homes, or tiny houses, are becoming more appealing as affordable housing options are less and less abundant in cities with overcrowded populations. This increasing density issue will be a topic of conversation in a book I’m co-authoring late this Fall on the future of

Future Cape Town

By Glen Hiemstra I recently came across a series of articles by Future Cape Town, a media movement and urban consultancy founded by Rashiq Fataar in 2010. The beginning of the About page on the Future Cape Town website starts “With our roots firmly in the

Future of Telemedicine

Last week I had the privilege of presenting a keynote speech to the annual conference on the future of Telemedicine, put on the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center, in Billings, Montana. As I thought about a theme for my talk what occurred to me was that

Memristors and how they may change computing

By Glen Hiemstra | December 20th, 2011 I recently read a novelette by Bruce Sterling called Black Swan (A Cyberpunk Story). I was intrigued by what Sterling referred to as a “Memrister”. Within the context of the story, it was only clear that memristors were theoretical electronic