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The Top 12 Digital Health Collaborations Today

From gamification to robotic surgeons to crowd-sourcing, science fiction is officially reality in the healthcare arena. Many companies are incentivizing patients to be healthier, trading money for reaching personal fitness goals. In the shaky economic climate we find ourselves in, more and more people will

Q&A: Michael Michalko, creative thinking expert

Link: Q&A: Michael Michalko, creative thinking expert We are all born creative, spontaneous thinkers. Then we go to school. We enter school as a question mark and graduate as a period. In school, we’re taught not how to think. We’re taught what to think. January

Gamification is the new Web 2.0

Uwe Hook of MediaBizBloggers wrote: “Try it out: Next time you talk about the future of marketing, add the words “Gamification” and “Game Mechanics.” Suddenly you morph from marketing expert to marketing genius. You might be promoted on the spot. The world will be your