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Frank Diana’s Presentation about Women Leadership in an Exponential World

Beginning of this month, Frank Diana held the opening keynote at the SIM Women Executive Leadership Forum in Chicago. Below a quote from his post: “Creativity, imagination, big picture vision, emotional and social intelligence, empathy, and other human characteristics are critical to navigating in an exponential world. As automation

Is a higher education degree worth it?

College is usually worth it, but not always, it transpires. And what you study matters far more than where you study it. I agree that what you study matters more than where you study it. In my opinion education should be free — everyone deserves

futuristgerd: Robert F. Kennedy challenges Gross Domestic Product (by colinatpyramid) “GDP measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile”

greenfuturist: Generally, as economists calculate the past year’s investment, expenditure, consumption and production, there is a conspicuously missing component in the equation — what remains — specifically what is left of the natural resource stock and the social dividends that it can pay in the