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Disruptive Technologies Transforming the Government-Citizen Relationship

David Raths proposes an interesting selection of disruptive technologies in eight critical areas of government, ranging from public safety to health to transportation. Powerful combinations of digital, mobile, social, geographic and video innovations already are changing the public’s expectations and the services available. Can government agencies seize

CI’s New Strategy: use global consumer power to tip the scales

Imagine a world where individuals are as powerful as the governments and corporations they interact with. A global marketplace where consumers have the power to challenge unfair, unsafe and unethical corporate practice – and win. Read more via Consumers International

Fear of Freedom

By Tim Cole Historians of the 21st century may well date the beginning of Digital Enlightenment from the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan which had an earth-shaking effect in more ways than one. It also upset Western civilization’s belief in one of the

The World is More Democratic Than Ever

Evidence also shows we are becoming less violent and more tolerant, and poverty around the world is declining. The conclusions seem far-fetched considering the daily news of airstrikes, natural disasters and images of loss from the conflict in Iraq, Syria or the Central African Republic, but Roser argues

This issue is not about whether the information gathered is something people want to hide, but rather about the power and the structure of government. Why Should We Even Care If the Government Is Collecting Our Data? – Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic (via

futurist-foresight: Crowdsourcing: Coming to a government near you? Finland is about to start using crowdsourcing to create new laws By David Meyer, The Finnish government has approved the technology behind a new ‘Open Ministry’ platform, which will act as a hub for citizens who

How governments research and communicate about the future

TFA Partner Ross Dawson blogged a few days ago: “Governments around the world are increasingly recognizing that they have a responsibility for structured thought and research about the future, both to shape their own initiatives, and to assist companies and institutions in the nation to