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Fossil Fuels are clearly dead

Renewables are today on the verge of being price competitive with fossil fuels – and already are in many situations. So in 10 years, maybe just 5, it is a no-brainer that renewables will be significantly cheaper than fossil fuels in most places and will

Now we shift to the third great wave, the world post the industrial revolution. To an economy designed to last, that is built around the present and nurtures the future. This will be an era where we…… well, that’s the exciting bit. We get to

A new type of capitalist activist…

…the Charles Dickens of futurism, Gerd Leonhard is a green futurist with a focus on media, content, entertainment and publishing, technology, telecom as well as marketing, branding and communications. His new direction: sustainability, carbon reduction, alternative and renewable energies, the future of transportation. He is

Carbon Nation – the new movie by Peter Byck — a must watch!  Read Glen Hiemstra’s post on the movie. Related articles Carbon Nation – the Movie – Now on DVD and Recommended (

mediafuturist: curiositycounts: Mint data reveals America’s most gas-guzzling cities by way of monthly gas budgets Me: ironic that SAN FRANCISCO leads the nation in gas consumption!