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Google takes another step in the world of renewable energy by announcing its latest investment in wind power through the construction of a $200 million wind farm. The tech giant’s latest bet on alternative energy has arrived in the form of the Spinning Spur Wind

An interview with Gerd Leonhard, futurist and CEO of The Futures Agency, and Greg Guthridge, global managing director of the Accenture Retail Business Services for Utilities, discussing the latest consumer energy trends, including the concept of the “networked consumer” and a move toward an “ecosystem

Sustainability is the key element of the country’s economic and social recovery. As smart business leaders already know, we cannot, and must not, opt for ‘green’ or ‘growth’ in isolation. ‘Green’ and ‘growth’ must not happen in isolation – 01 Nov 2012 – Opinion from

Meet me in Sao Paulo Nov 5: Markets of the Future: From Ego to Eco. On Nov. 5 at the Museum of Image and Sound – MIS in São Paulo, Gerd Leonhard presents a strategic vision on the future of global business focus eyes on