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Fossil Fuels are clearly dead

Renewables are today on the verge of being price competitive with fossil fuels – and already are in many situations. So in 10 years, maybe just 5, it is a no-brainer that renewables will be significantly cheaper than fossil fuels in most places and will

Capitalism versus environment: can greed ever be green?

The fact that the now dominant capitalist economic system is unsustainable is not in doubt. It has contributed to the breaching of several ecological boundaries, in relation to climate change, biodiversity loss and nutrient enrichment. At the same time as damaging the natural systems that

Green Space

thisbigcity: And Germany’s second-largest city has decided to unite them together via pedestrian and cycle routes, aiming to eliminate the need for vehicles in Hamburg over the next 20 years. Have your own #citydata you’d like to share?  Send it our way!

5 Energy Trends That Will Impact Your Business In 2013 – Forbes

Link: 5 Energy Trends That Will Impact Your Business In 2013 – Forbes Commercial Buildings Going Green. More buildings, manufacturing plants and office complexes in the U.S. are going “green,” or at least heading that way. December 25, 2012 at 12:37PM

marizannek: The Fliz, a bicycle where a harness replaces the saddle and your feet replace the pedals, may be the answer to urban transportation problems. Tom Hambrock and Juri Spette, two German designers, created the Fliz.  Comment: It’s definitely green, but so is the traditional, old

Andrew Winston – Finding the Gold in Green

Link: Andrew Winston – Finding the Gold in Green while the world seems to be waking up to a fundamental, existential threat to our species (and not to “the planet,” which will be fine with or without us), the US policy debate remains mostly deaf,

greenfuturist: Futurist and Keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard at EcoSummit 2012 in Berlin ( speaking on “the journey from Ego to Eco”, see the slideshow here (slideshare); also embedded below. More on the Ego To Eco topic can be found here. Related articles A new type