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Chart: Which countries are decarbonizing the fastest?

Carbon intensity has to fall 6.2% each year to halt global warming. It’s falling 0.9%…Note that Australia has made the biggest decarbonization gains in recent years, with its carbon intensity declining 4.6 percent since 2008, thanks in part to a big drop in electricity use and a

If We Want Competitive Economies, We Must Manage Our Water Better

Link: If We Want Competitive Economies, We Must Manage Our Water Better “It’s no accident that New York City, the largest economy in the United States, was built between two rivers, with access to water reservoirs, an ocean and eventually the Great Lakes via the

jtotheizzoe: How to win a climate change argument, in one chart. (via Slate Magazine) Keep this in mind the next time climate change is up for debate!

Our cities are full of problems, but they are also filled with potential solutions. Watch this documentary on urbanization and the cities of the future.

Sustainability is the new space race

Link: Sustainability is the new space race The next golden age of growth will depend on whether we are able to innovate sufficiently to face environmental challenges, according to Carlota Perez, Visiting Scholar, London School of Economics.

Scientists from UC Santa Barbara’s (USCB) have reinvented solar power with a new approach that captures energy using a “forest” of gold nanorods and some chemistry. The researchers tested the technology with an experimental solar conversion device that ran for several weeks, and published their