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Health-Minded Global Consumers Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

A willingness to pay a premium for health benefits is higher in developing markets than elsewhere. More than nine-in-10 respondents in Latin America (94%), Asia-Pacific (93%) and Africa/Middle East (92%) say they’re willing to pay more for foods with health attributes to some degree, compared


Obviously, there are benefits to this optimized, quantified self, not least of which is the ability to make significant medical advances and alter the lives of those suffering from chronic, and often mystifying, illness. But there’s something to be said for the allure and beauty

5 Free Apps For Making & Breaking Habits

Self examination and productivity are two trends that go hand-in-hand lately. Check out some free apps to help make you more successful at whatever you want to accomplish. Read more via Fast Company

Google Tests New Telemedicine Service

The online search giant is indeed running a trial within its Helpouts service offering users a chance to discuss medical issues with live doctors via online video, as Engadget first reported…There are some clear advantages to getting counseling on demand and within the comfort of one’s home, particularly for simpler medical

Big Data Changes How We Get Well

A recent McKinsey & Company report traced the expansion of computer-based information systems, and the electronic medical records they create, in both the physician’s office and the hospital. More than 50% of doctor’s offices now handle patient records electronically. Nearly 75% of hospitals do so

How Nanotech Could Reengineer Us

futurescope: How Nanotechnology Could Reengineer Us from Keithly: Nanotechnology is an important new area of research that promises significant advances in electronics, materials, biotechnology, alternative energy sources, and dozens of other applications. The graphic below illustrates, at a personal level, the potential impact on each

Our health is up to us

emergentfutures: Our health is in our hands We’re beginning to shift from an era of intermittent, reactive health and medicine to one that is based on information, feedback and analytics. This will become proactive and continuous while engaging and empowering the individual (whether a healthy