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The influence of Technology on the Wealth Gap

How much is technology progress responsible for the creation of the wealth gap? In an era where economic policymaking skews strongly toward free-market forces, London School of Economics professor Anthony Atkinson—one of the world’s top academics on inequality and income distribution—still stands in defense of government

Countries adding the most billionaires | SmartPlanet

Link: Countries adding the most billionaires | SmartPlanet Today, the bottom half of the global population owns less than 1 percent of total wealth. The richest 10 percent holds 86 percent of the world’s wealth. The top 1 percent—meaning those ultra-high-net-worth individuals with fortunes in

greenfuturist: Great examples of inequality One receipt says customer has ‘insufficient funds’ to withdraw $100; Other is a $300 withdrawal on account with a balance of more than $1million They were both found outside branch of Chase bank (via The have and have-not: Two discarded

The widening gaps within many countries are beginning to worry even the plutocrats. A survey for the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos pointed to inequality as the most pressing problem of the coming decade (alongside fiscal imbalances). In all sections of society, there is

Here’s The Problem With Our Economy – Business Insider

Link: Here’s The Problem With Our Economy – Business Insider These and other factors have contributed to the most radical redistribution of wealth that the United States has ever seen. Since the late 1970s, the country’s assets and income have moved steadily from “average” Americans

futuristgerd: Income inequality could be a major impediment to a country’s internet take-up. (via By the numbers: equal and connected? | ZDNet) Makes total sense; nice piece by Phil Dobbie (always a good read)