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For our Bulgarian Readers: Da ostavim visokata produktivnost za robotite… (via 26 януари 2017: “Как и какво ще работим в бъдеще? За професиите, защо ефикасността не трябва да бъде фикс идея и за икономиката на щастието, вижте какво споделя футуристът Герд Леонард в интервю за Герд Леонард е футурист, който предвижда как ще изглежда

Interview with Gerd Leonhard: Innovation with a Higher Purpose (via AESC)

Issue # 8 of the «Executive Talent Magazine» of AESC Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants published an interview with Gerd Leonhard followed by an exclusive print of Chapter 1 of his latest book “Technology vs. Humanity“. Excerpt: “How soon can we expect automation

Podcast: Gerd Leonhard on Digital Ethics and Technology (via SIBOS)

Podcast-Interview of an excerpt from the complete SIBOS TV broadcast (see This interview covers a wide range of topics related to Gerd Leonhard’s Latest book ‘Technology vs Humanity‘, including privacy, artificial intelligence, the end of dying, digital ethics, the future of money, the United States

Will Technology Make Human Memory Obsolete?

Will Technology Make Human Memory Obsolete? Yet the real question is: How far will the externalization of our memory go? Quick question for urban citizens who own a car: How do you remember where you parked you car the night before? You could memorize the street name

Futurist Gerd Leonhard interviewed by Magdalena Petryniak, Biznes Trendy

Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency – is a widely-known and top-rated futurist, an influential author, an acclaimed keynote speaker and a strategic advisor. In preparation for his speech on 26th November 2015 in Warsaw, Gerd Leonhard was interviewed by the Executive Director of

Will the rise of the Robots implode the World Economy?

If you’re using nutrition coaching apps like Lark, you know we’re a breath away from Intelligent Assistants (IA) as portrayed so brilliantly in Her, the movie. Robots and AI Systems are already landing planes, writing news stories, and emotional robots may be your very best friend or

My Best Interview on the Future of Leadership

Just found on Didier Marlier‘s blog: “During my recent stay in São-Paulo, I was interviewed by Patricia Bispo, who runs an excellent site dedicated to people and leadership issues. Her questions helped me clarify my thoughts on the future of leadership. Here are, in English,