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How to turn the future green, according to Bill Gates

Bill Gates plans to invest $1 billion in clean energy technology over the next five years. This will be a fairly big increase over the investments he is already making, but he’s doing it because he believes that the next half-decade will bring many breakthroughs that will help

It is a great time to invest in content

om: Content is king at a certain time. And I think content is king now. It’s the best time in the last eight years to invest in digital content companies. Ken Lerer of Lerer Ventures, The Huffington Post & BuzzFeed in a conversation with me earlier

Jack Myers: Economic Collapse in the Emerging Digital Space?

Jack Myers Video Media Business Report, March 21st, 2012: “Is the littered landscape of overly funded digital companies in danger of overload? I explore this question in this week’s Video Media Business Report. I predicting an economic restructuring of the digital media industry that will