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ITU Telecom World 2014: Daily Highlight N°1

Day One Vibrant Opening Ceremony launches the conversations at ITU Telecom World 2014 ITU Telecom World 2014 opened its doors today to a packed programme of conversations and debates on the theme “Future…MORE Every company resists the barbarians trying to disrupt us and force an

Why education is the answer in a perfect storm of change – Rohit Talwar

The challenges of embracing the digital era are bringing us into a perfect storm of change. Old systems designed for a pre-Internet world are reaching their limit, overwhelmed by massive economic, financial and political uncertainty, increasing complexity, major environmental pressures, and dramatic, disruptive developments across

The concept of work as we know it is toast

The impact on our economic systems of the future may be dramatic. Within thirty or forty years, the concept of work and working for a living as we know it now will be over: toast. In addition, developments in artificial intelligence are increasingly producing self-learning

We need collective solutions to over-connectivity

We live in exciting times. Times full of the promise of progress, where the exponential pace of technological development is both visible and beneficial to ever more of the world’s population. From e-medicine to digital education, next-generation transport systems to smart grid solutions, the near